London Conference on Cyberspace

Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, the London Conference on Cyberspace on 1-2 November will be hosted by the Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, the Rt Hon William Hague MP.  

It will aim to launch a more focussed and inclusive dialogue between key cyberspace actors from across the world including from government, industry and civil society. This will aim to develop a better collective understanding of how to protect and preserve the tremendous opportunities that the development of cyberspace offers us all.

It is hoped that the ideas and proposals which emerge from the conference will help develop a common vision for cyberspace as an essential foundation for opportunity and growth within the global economy. 

The content of the London Conference
The conference will concentrate on five themes:
? economic growth and development
? social benefits
? cyber crime
? safe and reliable access
? international security

Over the two days there will be sessions on the wide number of issues that fall under each theme. Discussion is likely to include: capacity building, network connectivity, online privacy and data protection, online jurisdiction, investment in internet infrastructure and cyber crime.

Get involved

ICC UK is responsible for managing private-sector participation at the Conference. Businesses wishing to get involved should contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please also check our blog for further updates and views in the run up to the Conference.

Marketing and Advertising

The recently launched ICC Code on Marketing and Advertising provides both business and regulators with a globally acceptable framework for responsible creativity and communication.

It helps business by setting out high marketing standards on many tough issues, such as:

  • Online behavioural advertising
  • Digital interactive media
  • Environmental claims
  • Privacy protection
  • Marketing to children

The code offers best practice guidance that applies across all sectors, markets, technologies, platforms and approaches. This new tool will help companies build consumer trust by using high ethical standards when employing today?s and tomorrow?s most innovative techniques to market their products and services.

Download a free copy of the ICC Code on Marketing and Advertising


Other ICC guides in this area include:


Intellectual Property

IP issues are getting more complex.

We work with members to reform the copyright and patent framework and protect digital business throughout the lifecycle of their products. Working with our network in the in US and Europe, we campaign to safeguard our members? interests on IP issues including on trademarks, patents, design and copyright.

Business needs more certainty. We can help get it.


Facilitating Trade

We advise members on how to make the most of the opportunities for their business abroad, including through our network in over 80 countries.

Why Export?
We?ve developed guidance for first-time exporters, and companies looking to get into new markets. We?re also developing a new directory of major trade fairs in key markets.

Trade tools
We work with our members to produce a range of tools to facilitate international trade. These include:

These standard trade terms facilitate billions of dollars of trade each year, by providing a ?common language? that buyers and sellers can use to define how costs and risks are allocated in sales contracts. The latest edition of Incoterms was launched in 2010 and reflects new developments in international trade practice.

Model contracts
ICC?s model contracts provide an easy to use framework for a range of uses from international sales to non-disclosure agreements.



We work with companies from a variety of sectors to tackle the key problems of online governance, data privacy, security and jurisdiction.

International Internet Governance
ICC UK and the British Government are hosting the London Conference on Cyberspace in November. ICC UK is responsible for the business agenda. Our aim is to launch a process which will identify norms and principles on key internet governance issues.

ICC also works with ICANN, the IGF and the ITU on a range of issues, including Top Level Domain Names.

ICC UK is working to set the standard for implementation of the EU Privacy directive (on cookies) in a way which does not impose unacceptable burdens on the internet market place.

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Intellectual Property

Responsible Business

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