ICC Code on Marketing and Advertising

International business has come together to adopt a new ICC Code on Marketing and Advertising.

With increasing focus placed on how companies interact with consumers, the ICC Code provides a globally acceptable framework for responsible creativity and communication.

The Code covers all forms of marketing and advertising communications, with particular attention paid to business’ responsibilities online. It aims to help business by setting out high marketing standards on many tough issues, such as the use of online behavioural advertising, the protection of consumer privacy, and marketing to children.

Due to the global nature of ICC, the Code is able to influence marketing and advertising practices in countries across the world. As Stephen Pattison, Chief Executive of ICC UK, explains, “the new ICC Code sets a gold standard for business self-regulation throughout the world.”

The Code has huge potential to level the playing field for businesses operating internationally, as it can act as a useful tool for emerging economies in adopting co-regulatory regimes. This can be seen with the recent creation of a self-regulatory code in China based largely on the ICC Code.

For further details on ICC’s work in this area please see our Responsible Business page.