Consent and cookies

Cookies are an important part of online marketing and selling. They help provide consumers with sophisticated services, such as targeted information about products likely to be of interest.

But as a result of privacy concerns, the latest EU legislation requires companies which use cookies to ensure that the consumer has ‘given his or her consent having been provided with clear and comprehensive information’ about them before cookies can be used.

This could be a big headache: resulting in a forest of potential pop ups which damage the internet as a user friendly market place.

Several EU states have already implemented general legislation – though no one has made clear exactly what the law requires. Pressure is likely to grow globally.

ICC UK would much prefer self regulation: and maybe we can get the EU law reconsidered. But, as a minimum, there is likely to be a requirement for clear information for consumers about what cookies do. Given the vast number of things cookies are capable of, this is not easy.

We are working on what we hope will become a standard template of definitions – in simple language, with straightforward categories. We might even link the definitions to simple icons to aid clarity.

We are taking our ideas to the world stage through the ICC international network.  Please contact us if you would like to be involved.