ICC at the Internet Governance Forum

ICC highlighted the importance of multi-stakeholder action at this year?s Internet Governance Form, which was held last month in Nairobi.

New technologies and services, such as cloud computing, social media and mobile internet have raised a range of policy challenges. In this context, ICC believes it is important for regulatory environments to encourage better access to information, protect free flows of information, and enable innovation and entrepreneurship.
When speaking at the IGF, the ICC Chair of Business Action to Support the Information Society, Subramanian Ramadorai, stated, ?It is vital we continue to work together to make the right governance choices that help to develop the Internet in a way that doesn?t diminish its open spirit.?

Every year at the IGF, ICC serves as the voice of global business in the international dialogue on how the internet and ICTs can better serve as engines of economic growth and social development. Members of ICC UK will receive a full report about the IGF shortly.

More information on ICC?s work is available on our digital business page, including our participation at the London Conference on Cyberspace.