ACTA and the EU

This week the European Union and 22 Member States added their signature to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

The EU’s signature of ACTA is, in our view, an important step in the global fight against counterfeiting and piracy. The plurilateral agreement—which ACTA has been negotiated by 37 countries and the EU (together representing over 50% of world trade)—has received some negative press in recent months, not least from the NGO community. But it’s important that the debate around ACTA isn’t obscured by misunderstandings about what the treaty is and does.

That’s why we’ve lent our support to a new briefing document called “ACTA – Why You Should Support It”, which clarifies the policy intent of ACTA and explains how the agreement will help boost European competitiveness and growth.

The European Parliament must now approve the agreement. Along with other business associations from across the EU, we are urging the Parliament to quickly complete the process and give its consent to the Treaty. Our media comment on the EU’s signature of ACTA is available in our press section.