Revision of the ICC UK Cookies Guide

Earlier this month our Working Group on Cookies met for the first time since the launch of the ICC UK Cookies Guide.

Following the end of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) grace period—and the announcement that the ICO will begin enforcement action in August—we are now starting to look at implementing a phased programme of updates to the guidance. This will include notices on mobile devices, non cookie-technologies, and examples of good practice from around Europe.

The UK has achieved a sensible approach to implementing the e-Privacy Directive—which we see as a positive for business. With the ICO making rapid progress in developing its approach to enforcing the e-Privacy Directive, we are keen to focus on areas where more help is needed. There have been some impressive compliance approaches that utilise the ICC UK guidance, and wider take up of the framework would certainly help users and industry alike.

As part of our updated guidance, we will also look at how other EU states are implementing and enforcing the ePrivacy Directive. In the coming months, it will be absolutely vital for UK firms to keep a close eye on what is happening in other Member States and promote a sensible approach to enforcement across Europe. There is a concern that inconsistent application of the Directive may give rise to problems for companies operating in multiple Member States.

Show your support for the Guide

We are also preparing a list of key supporters of the ICC UK Guide. This is intended to showcase the widespread support that the guidance has received and encourage others to use the ICC framework. If you are using the ICC UK Guide, and would like to put your company’s name/logo next to it, please contact our Digital Policy Advisor, Mike Bond []