ICC UK response to NZ decision on plain packaging

The New Zealand Government has today set out proposals to introduce plain packaging for tobacco products contingent on the outcome of a number of international legal challenges. Following this announcement, Andrew Wilson, UK Director of Policy at the International Chamber of Commerce, said:

“It’s a positive sign that the New Zealand government has recognised the importance of the ongoing World Trade Organization case involving Australian plain packaging legislation.

“Over the past two decades, New Zealand has been a firm proponent of open markets and trade-led growth. It would be disappointing if this position was to be undermined by domestic legislation at the margins of international law.

“There remain real questions about whether plain-packaging rules are consistent with international trade obligations—including the WTO’s intellectual property agreement. These are not issues that can be brushed aside and the government is right to put these front and centre of the decision making process”.


Notes to press/editors:

1.    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a cross-sectoral business organisation which works to promote international trade, proportionate regulation and the rule of law.

2.    Members in the UK include the majority of FTSE 100 companies, many other multinational firms, business associations and SMEs.

3.    For media enquiries, please contact Dorothee Heinze at ICC UK on 020 7838 7453.