Launch of Antitrust Toolkit

Earlier this week, ICC launched its first Antitrust Compliance Toolkit—a practical tool for companies of all sizes looking to develop a robust antitrust compliance programme.

The toolkit was launched by members of ICC’s Commission on Competition at the 5th ICC Roundtable on Competition Policy—an event held in conjunction with the annual International Competition Network (ICN) conference in Warsaw.

Speaking at the roundtable, Anne Riley, Chair of ICC UK’s Competition Group and Group Antitrust Counsel at Shell, said: “[t]he toolkit is designed by business for business and reflects contributions from antitrust specialists closely associated with in-house compliance efforts around the world. It is hoped that it will assist companies from all sectors and of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to establish an antitrust compliance programme suited to their needs, risk profile and resources”.

The toolkit is arranged into 11 chapters, covering issues ranging from risk identification—the topic of the next ICC UK antitrust workshop—through to compliance incentives.

For further background on the toolkit—or indeed any aspect of our antitrust work—please contact Dorothée Heinze (