Enforcing arbitral awards: the New York Convention

The United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards of 1958—better, and more snappily, known as the New York Convention—is widely regarded as one of the most successful international treaties ever. This success has, to be sure, provided the legal foundation for the great growth of international arbitration over recent decades.

Although only 10 countries first signed the New York Convention, the list of signatories has steadily grown over the last 55 years to 148 counties in 2013. A full list of contracting states can be accessed on the Convention’s webpage.

The recently launched second edition of the ICC Guide to national procedures for recognition and enforcement of awards under the New York Convention is a practical resource for anyone looking at enforcing an arbitration award in one or more countries.  It covers 79 countries and territories and takes account of recent legal development in the field, including citations to legislation and cases.

The book is the newest title at the ICC UK Bookstore and copies have been selling fast! For further details about the book, please contact our publications (publications@international-chamber.co.uk); or visit our bookshop website.

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