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Earlier this month our Working Group on Cookies met for the first time since the launch of the ICC UK Cookies Guide. Following the end of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) grace period—and the announcement that the ICO will begin … Continue reading

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ICC UK will today hold a high-level meeting—bringing together industry, government and other stakeholders—looking at how business can comply with the EU’s e-Privacy Directive. The session will provide an important opportunity to discuss progress in the development of ICC UK’s … Continue reading

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The London Conference on Cyberspace starts on 1 November, with over 100 companies participating at the invitation of the ICC UK. This is an important event. As we’ve highlighted in previous posts, this conference isn’t just about cyberwarfare or  cybersecurity—although … Continue reading

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Cookies are an important part of online marketing and selling. They help provide consumers with sophisticated services, such as targeted information about products likely to be of interest. But as a result of privacy concerns, the latest EU legislation requires … Continue reading

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