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As many countries around the world celebrate International Workers Day, it seems fitting to pause and reflect on the tragic collapse of the garment factory last week in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This, together with the factory fires in Dhaka late last … Continue reading

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Corporate responsibility (CR) reporting is now firmly on most corporate agendas with 95% of the 250 largest companies in the world reporting on their CR activities. However, despite promising statistics such as these – not to mention the increasing proliferation … Continue reading

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Today’s Financial Times carries an industry letter coordinated by ICC UK underlining business support for a mooted transatlantic trade agreement. The letter comes ahead of an official report on a possible EU- US deal next week, with a political announcement … Continue reading

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Virgin Rail’s unprecedented legal challenge to a government rail franchise award has stirred up quite a debate about the impact of EU procurement rules. Our Senior Policy Advisor, Dorothée Heinze, appears in today’s FT explaining why recent EU market access … Continue reading

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A letter from our Director of Policy, Andrew Wilson, appeared in the Financial Times earlier this week dealing with the issue of natural resource transparency. As an organisation which works to promote the rule of law, we fully recognise the … Continue reading

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Earlier this month our Working Group on Cookies met for the first time since the launch of the ICC UK Cookies Guide. Following the end of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) grace period—and the announcement that the ICO will begin … Continue reading

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As readers of this blog may be aware, the European Commission has put forward a proposal to regulate the access of third-country goods and services to the EU procurement market. Under the terms of the draft Regulation, local authorities will … Continue reading

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Over the last few weeks representatives from the EU Commission and the Office of the US Trade Representative have held meetings in Brussels to discuss the scope of a potential EU-US Trade deal. At the end of last year, leaders … Continue reading

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Following an almost year-long process, ICC UK has today launched its guidance to help companies comply with new EU rules on the use of cookies. Changes in European law mean that web site operators must now ask for web site … Continue reading

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Earlier this week the US launched a case against India at the World Trade Organisation, asserting that India’s ban on poultry imports—imposed to prevent avian flu—violated global trade rules. The move has been interpreted as a sign that the US … Continue reading

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