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Earlier this week HM Treasury published eagerly-awaited details of its proposed reform of international corporation tax. ICC UK has been campaigning for changes to the UK’s antiquated rules for taxing Controlled Foreign Companies, or CFCs, for almost a decade. Reforms … Continue reading

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Analysis of last week’s G-20 Summit has—quite understandably—focused on attempts to rescue the eurozone. But those, ourselves included, who find themselves worried by what appears to be a growing trade crisis, will have found their eyes drawn to three short … Continue reading

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With currency fluctuations in the news again this week, it’s worth a second look at the relationship between so-called “currency wars” and economic protectionism. In an earlier blog post, we highlighted concerns that recent currency interventions by central banks and … Continue reading

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ICC UK has called for G-20 action to check protectionism in wake of decisions taken under cover of latest developments in global financial crisis. The downgrade of US government debt and ongoing turbulence in eurozone bond markets dominated the headlines … Continue reading

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A new report has highlighted a worrying rise in trade protectionism over the first two quarters of 2011. The 9th report of the Global Trade Alert initiative highlights that since November 2010 more than 150 trade restrictive measures have been … Continue reading

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