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The veteran mining executive Algy Cluff wrote to the FT last week in what was seen by some as the first salvo in an attempt revise (or even repeal) the Bribery Act. The prompt for Mr Cluff to put pen-to-paper … Continue reading

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Over the last few weeks representatives from the EU Commission and the Office of the US Trade Representative have held meetings in Brussels to discuss the scope of a potential EU-US Trade deal. At the end of last year, leaders … Continue reading

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Today saw the launch in Brussels of the European Commission’s proposals to overhaul the EU’s data protection rules. This is an important piece of legislation, and one which is likely to have implications for many businesses—not just those in the … Continue reading

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Cookies are an important part of online marketing and selling. They help provide consumers with sophisticated services, such as targeted information about products likely to be of interest. But as a result of privacy concerns, the latest EU legislation requires … Continue reading

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A new report from the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) has highlighted a gradual improvement in Whitehall’s “red tape” culture over the first half of 2011. The RPC said that it had given a “red flag” to 31% of the proposals it … Continue reading

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