Past events

2012 Events:

Insights into ICC Dispute Resolution Services

ICC UK held an evening Seminar in February on ICC's Dispute Resolution Services.

ICC UK Event on Finacial Crime and Sanctions: Meeting the Compliance Challenge in Trade Finance

ICC UK held a Seminar in April providing a comprehensive review of key issues in Sanctions and AML.

ICC UK Breakfast Workshop on UCP 600

ICC UK held an interactive breakfast workshop to discuss some of the issues around UCP 600 that practitioners experience in day-to-day practice. 

The first half of the event covered some of the most recent ICC Banking Commission Opinions and Queries. The second half of the breakfast seminar was structured as a masterclass on the UCP transport documents providing a practical review on practices in the banking and shipping industries.

ICC Arbitration Debate - Expert witnesses: a hired gun in international arbitration?

To what extent does expertise play a useful role in arbitral proceedings?

ICC UK held the first Arbitration Debate in May 2012 on the role of expert witnesses in arbitral proceedings.

ICC Breakfast Workshop - Getting to know the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

ICC UK held a practical workshop on the characteristics and benefits of the BPO. Experts provided a comprehensive introduction to the BPO and discussed issues such as legal and regulatory aspects as well as what it means for your bank's operation.

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) 600 Workshop - Dealing with discrepant documents

This breakfast seminar provided a forum to discuss issues that arise with the structuring and checking of documents under UCP 600.

ICC UK Arbitrators' Forum: Expedited procedures - the way forward in international arbitration?

This event will provide a comprehensive review of key issues in techniques for implementing fast-track procedures and outcomes and limitations.

ICC UK Arbitration Symposium: Delays in International Arbitration Proceedings

This Symposium focused on the increasingly contentious issue of delays in international arbitration.

ICC UK Breakfast Workshop on Demand Guarantees

The ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758) recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. The new rules are increasingly being included in international trade contracts, and have been incorporated into the World Bank model guarantee forms.

ICC Insight Series: Resolving financial services disputes

This seminar wil look at the growing use of international arbitration, particularly in financial transactions with counterparties in emerging markets.

The Fab Four? Exploring the key features of ICC arbitration

ICC Arbitration is often described as the “gold-standard” for arbitrating international disputes. This seminar will provide an insight into the four key features of ICC Arbitration — the so-called “Fab Four”. These are: the role of the ICC secretariat; the use of terms of reference; scrutiny of awards; and determination of tribunal fees.

International aspects of ePrivacy and the Data Protection Proposals

To mark the launch of the second edition of ICC UK’s Cookies guide, ICC UK is hosting a half-day seminar on international aspects of ePrivacy.

Annual Winter Trade Finance Conference

This years Winter Trade Finance Conference will take a practical look at some of the key issues facing trade finance practitioners both in the UK and internationally.
Split into four headline themes, the full-day conference looked at: new ICC guidance; common problems using the UCP 600; conflicts with practices in other industries; and new trends and technologies in the trade finance market.

2011 Events:

ICC Arbitration Debate: Nationality and neutrality in international arbitration ? perspectives following Jivraj

This event, held in July 2011, tackled the controversial topic of arbitrator neutrality in light of the issues raised by Jivraj v Hashwani. 

ICC United Kingdom's Arbitration Conference - Is international arbitration meeting the demands of its users?

This one-day conference, held in September 2011, looked at aspects of international arbitration from a user's perspective. Featuring key note speeches from Dr Anke Sessler, Chief Counsel Litigation, Siemens AG, and Dr Julian Lew QC, 20 Essex Street, the event reviewed a range of recent developments in international commercial arbitration and assessed the issues that arise from a user's perspective.

Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG) 758 Breakfast Seminar

In November 2011, we held a breakfast seminar on the latest ICC latest demand guarantee rules. The event provided an overview of the fundamental changes and key provisions in the main rules. 

ICC Rules of Arbitration - UK Launch Event and Networking Lunch

ICC UK held a networking lunch and afternoon seminar to launch the new ICC Rules of Arbitration. A stellar cast of speakers provided an insider's view on the new provisions, explaining the rationale for the changes and looking at the implications for arbitral proceedings in the future.

ICC UK Winter Trade Finance Conference 2011

ICC UK held its annual Winter Trade Finance Conference on 12 December 2011 providing a comprehensive review of key developments in trade finance. Featuring presentations from trade finance specialists drawn from banks, companies and academia, the event looked at complex and contentious issues such as time limits for examinations of documents, and the independence principle in letters of credit, and it also covered local developments and practices in China and Nigeria, as well as presentations on fraud, sanction and AML. A distinguished panel discussed the impact of the Euro crisis on Trade Finance.