The ICC UK Competition Group provides a unique forum to promote an open and competitive environment for British business worldwide.

The Group - which brings together leading antitrust practitioners from across industry and private practice - monitors the development of international competition frameworks, and seeks to contribute business insights in support of a balanced and pragmatic application of antitrust laws.

Our links into the wider ICC network provide direct access to major international fora, including the EU, WTO and ICN. We have also supported the development an antitrust compliance toolkit for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The key area of focus for the Group in 2013 is antitrust policy in the BRICS economies. Our forthcoming Autumn Meeting will look at the development and application of competition law in Brazil and South Africa - following a successful session in February focused on China and India, and a practical workshop in May on risk assessment.

Please join our dedicated LinkedIn group which provides an additional resource to discuss key antitrust developments.

What's New?

Antitrust developments in Brazil and South Africa

Following our successful Competition Spring Meeting and Antitrust Risk Assessment Workshop earlier this year, our next competition meeting on 19 September will focus on antitrust policies in two further BRICS economies. ...

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Antitrust Risk Assessment

Following the launch of the ICC Antitrust Toolkit in April, ICC UK held a well-attended workshop at Unilever House late last month on the issue of risk assessment. Why is risk assessment important? Understanding the ...

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Launch of Antitrust Toolkit

Earlier this week, ICC launched its first Antitrust Compliance Toolkit—a practical tool for companies of all sizes looking to develop a robust antitrust compliance programme. The toolkit was launched by members of I ...

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