Digital Economy

We work with companies from a variety of sectors to tackle the key problems of online governance, data privacy, security and jurisdiction.

International Internet Governance
ICC UK and the British Government hosted the London Conference on Cyberspace in November 2011. We continue to work with businesses and governments to develop a process which will identify norms and principles on key internet governance issues.

ICC also works with ICANN, the IGF and the ITU on a range of issues, including Top Level Domain Names.

Online Privacy
ICC UK is working with members to help companies implement the EU Privacy directive (on cookies) in a way which does not impose unacceptable burdens on the internet market place. Our E-Privacy Directive implementation table helps companies by setting out the differences in how the Directive has been transposed into national law across EU member states.

Our UK Cookie Guide, revised in November 2012, sets out several categories of cookies that website operators can use to define the purpose and description of their own cookies. These categories are linked to suggested user notices and consent language that explain—in easy to understand language—what those cookies do and why web site operators and others want to use them. 

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What's New?

New ICC Tool – EU E-Privacy Directive Implementation Table

The EU E-Privacy Directive entered into force in May 2011, requiring website operators to ask for permission from their users when placing certain kinds of cookies on their devices for the first time. However it is still ...

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Industry support for EU-US trade deal

Today’s Financial Times carries an industry letter coordinated by ICC UK underlining business support for a mooted transatlantic trade agreement. The letter comes ahead of an official report on a possible EU- US deal n ...

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Discriminatory taxes on telecommunications – ICC position paper

Despite the current economic crisis and the urgent need to trigger private investment in the ICT sector, a number of countries continue to apply higher taxes to telecommunications than other types of goods and services. ...

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