We work with companies from a variety of sectors to tackle the key problems of online governance, data privacy, security and jurisdiction.

International Internet Governance
ICC UK and the British Government are hosting the London Conference on Cyberspace in November. ICC UK is responsible for the business agenda. Our aim is to launch a process which will identify norms and principles on key internet governance issues.

ICC also works with ICANN, the IGF and the ITU on a range of issues, including Top Level Domain Names.

ICC UK is working to set the standard for implementation of the EU Privacy directive (on cookies) in a way which does not impose unacceptable burdens on the internet market place.

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What's New?

Consent and cookies

Cookies are an important part of online marketing and selling. They help provide consumers with sophisticated services, such as targeted information about products likely to be of interest. But as a result of privacy ...

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ICC at the Internet Governance Forum

ICC highlighted the importance of multi-stakeholder action at this year’s Internet Governance Form, which was held last month in Nairobi. New technologies and services, such as cloud computing, social media and mobi ...

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Business and the WTO

John Buchanan (Chairman) and Stephen Pattison (Director and CEO) feature in a new video launched by the World Trade Organization this week, entitled ‘What does the WTO mean for Business?’ The video premiered ...

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