Facilitating Trade

We advise members on how to make the most of the opportunities for their business abroad, including through our network in over 80 countries.

Why Export?
We’ve developed guidance for first-time exporters, and companies looking to get into new markets. We’re also developing a new directory of major trade fairs in key markets.

Trade tools
We work with our members to produce a range of tools to facilitate international trade. These include:

These standard trade terms facilitate billions of dollars of trade each year, by providing a “common language” that buyers and sellers can use to define how costs and risks are allocated in sales contracts. The latest edition of Incoterms was launched in 2010 and reflects new developments in international trade practice.

Model contracts
ICC’s model contracts provide an easy to use framework for a range of uses from international sales to non-disclosure agreements.

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What's New?

Enforcing arbitral awards: the New York Convention

The United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards of 1958—better, and more snappily, known as the New York Convention—is widely regarded as one of the most successful inte ...

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ICC Trade Register – understanding the risk in trade finance

ICC has just released the latest results of its Trade Finance Register—the first performance database for trade finance assets, such as letters-of-credit. The new data set—which comprises data provided by 21 Banks on ...

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Launch of Antitrust Toolkit

Earlier this week, ICC launched its first Antitrust Compliance Toolkit—a practical tool for companies of all sizes looking to develop a robust antitrust compliance programme. The toolkit was launched by members of I ...

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