Open Markets

Obstacles to trade have not disappeared.

Our experienced team understands the obstacles and risks involved in trade, including:

  • import duties
  • non-tariff
  • unusual certification requirements
  • discriminatory treatment of foreign investment

With their expertise in targeting key influencers in government, at EU level and globally, we will campaign for open markets everywhere, including at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and in specific territories.

What's New?

Antitrust developments in Brazil and South Africa

Following our successful Competition Spring Meeting and Antitrust Risk Assessment Workshop earlier this year, our next competition meeting on 19 September will focus on antitrust policies in two further BRICS economies. ...

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Antitrust Risk Assessment

Following the launch of the ICC Antitrust Toolkit in April, ICC UK held a well-attended workshop at Unilever House late last month on the issue of risk assessment. Why is risk assessment important? Understanding the ...

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ICC Trade Register – understanding the risk in trade finance

ICC has just released the latest results of its Trade Finance Register—the first performance database for trade finance assets, such as letters-of-credit. The new data set—which comprises data provided by 21 Banks on ...

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