Responsible Business

We work with companies worldwide to set progressive standards of business conduct and promote sound and proportionate regulation in this area.

Climate Change
We work throughout the world to promote sound and proportionate frameworks to address climate change. We are the business interlocutor to the UNFCCC, which gives our members a unique opportunity to shape emerging global policies and standards.

Business and Human Rights
We are active in promoting the consistent application of the new UN Framework on Business and Human Rights

UK Bribery Act
ICC UK has been involved in the debate around the UK’s bribery regime for almost a decade, working with Government and the SFO. We are now helping members get to grips with the uncertainties and the complex compliance issues.

Publish what you pay
We are working with our members to respond to the growing campaign for more transparency about company payments to host countries in particular sectors.

Within the EU there is pressure to extend mandatory CSR reporting requirements. This means more bureaucracy and may have wide-ranging impacts. We can make sure our members’ voice is heard in Brussels.

Marketing and Advertising
Our members have the opportunity to shape global codes covering marketing and advertising practice.

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Intellectual Property

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What's New?

Antitrust developments in Brazil and South Africa

Following our successful Competition Spring Meeting and Antitrust Risk Assessment Workshop earlier this year, our next competition meeting on 19 September will focus on antitrust policies in two further BRICS economies. ...

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Antitrust Risk Assessment

Following the launch of the ICC Antitrust Toolkit in April, ICC UK held a well-attended workshop at Unilever House late last month on the issue of risk assessment. Why is risk assessment important? Understanding the ...

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Renewed focus on company supply chains

As many countries around the world celebrate International Workers Day, it seems fitting to pause and reflect on the tragic collapse of the garment factory last week in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This, together with the factory ...

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