Open Markets

Obstacles to trade have not disappeared.

Our experienced team understands the obstacles and risks involved in trade, including:

  • import duties
  • non-tariff
  • unusual certification requirements
  • discriminatory treatment of foreign investment

With their expertise in targeting key influencers in government, at EU level and globally, we will campaign for open markets everywhere, including at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and in specific territories.

What's New?

A business agenda for the WTO

Earlier this week the US launched a case against India at the World Trade Organisation, asserting that India’s ban on poultry imports—imposed to prevent avian flu—violated global trade rules. The move has been i ...

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EU India trade deal in the spotlight

Media reports in the run up to this month’s EU – India Summit have focused on European car makers’ concerns about how the EU-India Free Trade Agreement seems to be turning out. European manufacturers complain th ...

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ACTA and the EU

This week the European Union and 22 Member States added their signature to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The EU’s signature of ACTA is, in our view, an important step in the global fight against co ...

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