Complex tax regimes are one of the greatest burdens on international business.

We campaign for transparent and competitive corporate taxation in the UK and elsewhere. We are pressing for an approach to the taxation of Controlled Foreign Corporations that will boost the attractiveness of the UK economy.

We are lobbying for predictability and transparency on the tax treatment of global takeovers, given recent developments in Asia and elsewhere.

 We are monitoring the growing pressure to limit companies’ freedom to allocate their tax deductible costs to different operations around the world. 

What's New?

Tax roundtable in Brazil

ICC has announced that it is to hold a high-level tax roundtable in Brazil this October. The two-day meeting will provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with key Ministers and officials on the tax treatment o ...

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Consultation on Controlled Foreign Company reform

The Government is consulting on new framework governing the taxation of companies’ foreign profits to be introduced in the 2012 Budget. This forms part of the Government’s plans to reform UK corporate tax system, as ...

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Government launches second consultation on Patent Box

Government recently published its second consultation on the Patent Box, a tax incentive regime aimed at encouraging companies to develop and exploit patents in the UK. The proposed regime will see a 10% tax rate applied ...

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